Thursday, October 30, 2008

Forest for the Trees

It's a cool fall night and I'm sitting by the fire surrounded with tree-fragrance candles. I don't know if it's that the earthy scent grounds me or if it reminds me of the woods in New England where I grew up, but tree fragrances sooth and comfort me, and I need a little of that right now. (Are you seeing a pattern?) I love to layer tree fragrances to be able to distinguish the differences. Tonight it's Le Cherche Midi's Balsam (a new favorite!), Voluspa's Sawara Cypress and red flower's Himalayan larch. They are each unique and completely fantastic. Le Cherche Midi's Balsam candle is a clean, watery-like balsam. Very honest and fresh. A little subtle in scent but definitely gorgeous! I give this a 2-3 on the flower scale. Voluspa's Sawara Cypress stands it's ground. "I am Cypress, here me roar" type scent. Very distinct, no muss about it. For me it's moderately fragrant (a 3-4 on the flower scale). I can definitely smell it but it's not overwhelming. red flower's Himalayan larch is the most soft. red flower candles are beautiful because they liquefy when they are burning to highlight the color of the natural wax. The small size is misleading since even the little ones last 15 hours! I like this scent but it's best in a small room or in a place where their isn't any competition for your nose. A mere 1-2 on the flower scale. This is a delicate and delightful scent. I love all of these tree-fragrance candles because they are all clearly woodsy and not at all Christmas-y.

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