Friday, January 9, 2009

Wood You?

A customer called today to say she was concerned about burning the DayNa Decker candle she received as a gift because the flame was described as dancing and flickering and that made her worry that the flame would “jump across the room”. When I first heard about how the woodwick “crackles” as it burns, it made me think of how a fireplace sparks and sends burning embers shooting through the air. That made me nervous that it would light the rug on fire, so I have to agree, I was a little reluctant as well at first.

Since we’ve had the pleasure of trying these candles, they quickly became one of our favorites. They have a clean, crisp fragrance and provide instant impact in the room in their “multisensory” way through sight, sound and smell. I video taped one of the Botanika candles burning so you can see the beautiful wide flame and hear the sound effect of the wood wick. Don’t fear – they are fantastic and well worth the indulgence. The small size chandel makes a fantastic and unique hostess gift. Our favorite fragrance is Zelia with lotus, cypress, incense, oakmoss and cedarwood (I love woody scents, particularly in the winter). Leila is our best seller with grapefruit, bergamot, dewberry, lemon flower and amber musk. Manzanita and Bardou are their two new fragrances. Be sure to try one yourself and let us know what you think!

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