Friday, March 6, 2009

How to set up & use a reed diffuser

Reed diffusers provide a constant fragrance. The reeds work like a wick to draw the fragrance up and into the air as the fragrance oil evaporates over time. Fragrance oil diffusers are particularly helpful in areas where you always want it to smell nice but can't always keep an eye on a candle, such as a foyer or a powder room.

If you find the fragrance of your reed diffuser is too subtle, flip the reeds to freshen the scent. You can flip a few reeds every few days or all the reeds every day depending on the size of your space and how strong you like your fragrance. The more reeds you flip, and the more often you flip them, will cause the oil to evaporate quicker. Be sure to keep your diffuser away from windows, which can also speed up evaporation.

If you purchase a reed diffuser where the oil is separate from the vase, you may not want to fill the vase completely with the oil. Leave some room at the top so that when you insert the reeds there is room for the oil to rise. The oil level will quickly drop as it is soaked up by the reeds. When there is enough room you can add the remaining oil. If your diffuser is packaged with the oil already in the vase, use caution when inserting the reeds to avoid overflow. It's good practice to add just one reed at a time making sure that the oil level doesn't get too high after each addition.

Initially reed diffusers can be quite strong in scent when you first set them up until they settle after about a week. If you find that your fragrance diffuser is still too strong for your space, simply remove some of the reeds and store them in a zip lock bag for later use. Less reeds will produce less fragrance.

If you're not a fan of the vase that came with your diffuser, you can use any glass vase or bottle you may have at home. Look for a glass decanter with a small opening to avoid too much dust and debris clouding the oil. Some fragrance diffuser companies sell just the refill oil and reeds separately so you can create your own, custom diffuser at home. k. hall is an excellent line for purchasing refill oil and reeds.

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