Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to School

My kids recently returned to school, so no surprise, the whole house is sick. I returned home from work today and instead of lighting a candle to relax and unwind, I decided to use our Lampe Berger lamp to kill the germs in the air. I wish I had the Eucalyptus scent, as I think that would be a perfect fragrance to clear our lungs. Instead I have the new Absinth fragrance at home. It's a great scent with star anise, rosemary, absinth, freesia, Virginia cedar, Tonka bean and white musk. To me it smells unisex, herby and neutral in scent. I feel better knowing it's cleaning the air. I usually use my Lampe Berger lamp to remove our cooking odors, but it definitely gets a lot of use in our house when we are sick. I'll be sure to have the Eucalyptus scent on hand next time!

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