Friday, September 26, 2008

The Count of Monte Cristo

It's a rainy, fall night. The type of night when you just want to curl up in a blanket, sack out on the couch and watch a movie. It's nights like these when I love, comforting, cozy fragrances like Voluspa's Baltic Amber. I also like their new French Bourbon fragrance. Still soothing but more delicate than Baltic Amber. Heavier fragrances work for me on days like these. I like the rain when it's rare. It's nice to slow down, light a candle and take time to relax. My favorite movie? Definitely The Count of Monte Cristo!


JJP said...

Love the blog! You make me wish I had a nice scented candle right about now. Keep up the great work!

TasuRyn said...

I have the three wick tin of Baltic Amber by Voluspa and I love it! I call it my warm and cozy candle. Right now I am lighting up Thorn Apple by D.L. and Co. and also think that the three wick set up just makes for a great living room presentation. I don't know about you guys, but I love Thorn Apple for the fall. It's not really wintery, but it's definitely natural and musky and reminds me of making some comforting tea on a cool Autumn night. Also, I really liked the Count of Monte Cristo! Do you like the Montecristo candle by Tocca? Just wondering!

Susan Webster Adams said...

Hey tasuryn - I like your combo of Thorn Apple, tea and a cool Autumn night. You should try Lady Rhubarb and a hot toddy near the holidays. The vessel is absolutely GORGEOUS when it's burning. The whole bowl glows the most beautiful red. I'm not a huge fan of Tocca's Montecristo, mostly because florals are not typically my favorite scent, although I do adore Tocca's Grace candle! It's the most amazing lily fragrance.